Running Scared


As you may know, I’ve started jogging round my local park a few times a week. As it’s nice weather, that tends to mean a fair bit of people and dog dodging as the path is quite narrow. Today, I was grabbed by a child and befrended by a German Shepherd (I literally looked down to see him padding along next to me like some kind of spirit animal). Whilst I don’t mind a minimal amount of interruption I’ve found that it does distract me and slows me down. It also makes me very aware that I’m a young woman on my own running through some secluded areas where anything could happen. I know that this sounds paranoid but I have become suspicious of anyone without an obvious ‘purpose’ to be there (running, dog walking, with children etc.) I’m not sure what I can do to protect myself or make myself less vunerable? I do go to boxing classes so could probably defend myself to a certain extent but I don’t know what I can do to prevent anything happening in the first place. Perhaps I need to borrow someone’s dog.

The other problem that I’ve encountered is focusing on pushing myself. I’ve found that if I think ‘I’ll run to that tree’ I can get there but no further – it’s like my brain holds back the exhaution until I reach my goal then heaps it on so I can’t go on. I’ve been trying to look at the concrete in front of my feet to stop this but it’s a difficult habit to break. I’m still not entirely sure what I should be doing wth my breathing either which doesn’t help. I’m just trying to keep it steady but the path I run on is quite hilly so that often doesn’t work.

In other news, I’ve started properly timing my runs and I knocked a whole two minutes off my PB so I’m pleased that I’m improving. Yay me!

8 thoughts on “Running Scared

  1. You need to purse your mouth like a fish and breathe evenly and deeply through your mouth. You should always be able to talk. Do not shallow breathe. I’m a blogger here as well and a certified fitness professional. I am an avid runner and coach.

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  2. Yay I can so relate to these quite paranoid thoughts! I don’t like running alone in secluded areas. I want a German Shepard along! I do karate, so I can put up a good defense – but you never know! :O If you put a goal to reach a light post, you can make it to a game. First light post – run slow, second run medium, third as fast as you can. And repeat 🙂 Just don’t stop! Unless you puke, faint or die! Haha just kidding! Keep up the good work


    1. Thanks Annica! I’m sure I’m just being paranoid, there’s usually quite a lot of people around. Maybe I shoud do martial arts 🙂 I’ll try your method tomorrow with litter bins, they’re spaced quite evenly down the path. Will try not to throw up!


      1. This works too! Sprint finish nearly killed me though! Joking aside, pushing myself harder felt really good 🙂


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