Seeds of Change

image (9)

I’m very excited to see that my garden is really starting to get going now. My redcurrant (grown in a pot) has lots of berries on it. The blueberry – not so much. The courgette (also grown in a pot) is starting to flower and the tomatoes are also getting bigger. We could do with some more sunshine as it’s been a bit miserable this week.

The hanging baskets are starting to fill out too. I can’t begin to explain how happy they make me. I think it’s just seeing something that you’ve nurtured from a tiny seedling grow into something amazing.

My new gardening experiment is my sweet pea wall that I’ve recently planted up. I’m hopefull that this will work – basically I’ve grown some old fashioned sweet peas from seed and planted them against my fence. I’ve run some training wires across the fence for support and the idea is that I’ll end up with a kind of ‘wall of sweet peas’. I’ve used string as an initial support – this is how it currently looks:

image (12)

My other DIY project is our new raised planter. I’ve bought an old Singer sewing machine frame and put a Belfast sink on top of it. I think this would be great for anyone who struggles to bend down or who is in a wheelchair. Originally the sewing machine would have looked something like this (when I bought it it was just the wrought iron frame):


This is quite a bad picture but I’ve upcycled it into this:

image (8)

Obviously not in the above picture, but in real life you can see the Singer name and the treadle mechanism. I’m really pleased with the result.

I’ll update this blog again once everything starts to flower!


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