Running at a snails pace

Confession: I have started running (well, slow jogging).

I have always wanted to be one of those girls who throw on a pair of trainers and go off for a run to clear their head. I realised fairly quickly that I was not one of those girls. Instead, I am one of those girls who are extremely heavy footed, with an incredibly short stride and a breathing style akin to that of an inbred bulldog. I do not look pretty when I run.

Due to this, plus the fact that I don’t wear makeup or do my hair, I am too scared/vain to run outside my own house, so I drive to the park. This situation is not ideal. I have nowhere to put my keys (had to shove them down my sports bra) and the park itself is on a steep slope. My current plan involves running across the flat bits of the park then walking up and down the inclines. I’m finding that quite hard so I tend to slowly jog for about 1/2 of the flat bit, then walk for  few minutes, then try to run again. It takes me about half an hour to do two circuits.

Today, I ran past a woman casually strolling along the path. I thought I was doing quite well and completed a running/walking lap of the park. As I made my way back to my car I realised that the woman was right behind me – I literally run at a snails pace.

I’m trying to control my breathing and work on getting an even stride but it’s really challenging. Does anyone have any tips for a newbie runner?  Or advice on where to put keys etc.? Is it meant to be this hard? HEEEEEELP!!!!!