Daily Prompt – Awe




Today, I am in awe of the stupidity of the politicians of the UK. I am horrified by the responses form some of the far right groups to the Brexit debate. I am shocked and appalled at the actions of one individual who shot and stabbed to death a Labour politician, leaving her husband without a wife and her children without a mother, stating that people should ‘put Britain first’.

I don’t want to tell people which way I have voted in the referendum, but my personal choice was based solely on my own research. I looked at a number of different sources and came to my own conclusions, taking into account what would be best for myself personally and also what I think would be best for my country. I can’t think of a single ‘news’ item or piece of marketing which helped to inform my decision.

The way that the campaign has been run on both sides has varied from poor to downright ludicrous. Scaremongering tactics have been used throughout to make the most ridiculous claims. No one can agree on a figure that is given to the EU by the UK every week. No one can say exactly how much, in monetary terms, we get back out of it. No one seems to know what will happen if we vote to leave. There seems to be a feeling that we will be able to negotiate a better deal if we remain but there doesn’t seem to be anything concrete behind this claim. It worries me that people are voting to remain because they are scared of the alternative, because no one knows what the alternative will look like.

At the last general election, ‘American style’ televised debates were held for the prospective leaders of each party to discuss their manifestos and to answer questions from the audience. I was all in favour of these debates as it gave the general public an idea not only of what politicians were saying but also showed who had leadership and negotiating skills. The referendum debates have been entirely different. Each side had to nominate a spokesperson who clearly has their own agenda (Boris Johnson wants to be the next PM, Jeremy Corbyn has previously been anti EU but appears to have been pressurised to say that he is pro remain, David Cameron the same). Many people have confused their political affiliations with their feelings about the EU. I’ve heard my friends on more than one occasion say that it feels wrong to be siding with David Cameron when they are so against many of his other policies. I think many people have felt utterly bemused throughout the entire build up to voting day.

I personally will be pleased when the whole debate is over.